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Female circumcision

Female circumcision


Film: Young And Circumcised

A number of films about this theme have been produced in Norway and abroad. What makes this film unique is that it was made especially for young people who come from places where FGM is practiced, and who now live in Norway. The film approaches a sensitive theme with delicacy. It is respectful with reference to the traditional cultures of the countries girls come from, but true to the responsibility to promote the laws and rights that exist in the country they have come to.

This is a film for people from places where FGM is practiced and with people from these places. The film explains the basics of FGM in such a way that people without previous knowledge can understand – with the aid of animation, for example. The film is made in such a way that it requires neither an understanding of the Norwegian language nor literacy. The film has sound- tracks in Norwegian, English, Somali and Tigrinya. The film was produced by RVTS Sor in collaboration with Save the Children Norway. The film was financed by the Norwegian directorate for children, youth and family.
Watch the film in other languages here:


Opening operation

Your body belongs to you If you have been cut or circumcised, you have the right to get help, no matter what kind of procedure has been performed on you, or when All the health regions in Norway offer the ‘opening operation’ described in this leaflet. If you are suffering from problems that you think come from your being cut/circumcised, you should get help as soon as possible. An opening operation means just that – re-opening the labia, that is, the parts of your genitals that were stitched together when you were cut.

The brochure Circumcised? All the country’s health regions offer opening operations -read more here:



Re-opening the labia has many important advantages:
• it does away with the pain and discomfort caused because you were cut
• it makes it easier for you to urinate (pass water)
• you won’t be so vulnerable to infections ‘down there’
• it helps to prevent cysts from forming
• it helps to prevent problems when you want to get pregnant
• when you have your periods the blood can pass freely, without blockage
• many women also say they find greater enjoyment in sexual relations.


The operation does not affect your virginity at all. The hymen membrane is not involved in any way. You remain a virgin even if your labia are no longer sewn together.


Every health region in Norway has a women’s clinic (kvinneklinikk). They have a special responsibility for helping girls and women who have been cut. Clinic staff can arrange counselling, treatment and re-constructive opening surgery if that’s what you want. You can contact the clinic yourself, or get a referral from your doctor, school nurse or a midwife. Staff are sworn to secrecy and can help you find answers to your questions. If you are at a school, just talk to your school’s health services.



Universitetssykehuset Nord-Norge, Tromsø: Contact Gynekologisk poliklinikk, Fødepoliklinikk eller Fødeavdeling, phone 77626000

St. Olavs hospital, Trondheim: Contact kvinneklinikken, phone 72571212

Haukeland universitetssykehus,Bergen: Contact Kvinneklinikken, phone 05300

Stavanger universitetssykehus: Contact Kvinneklinikken, phone 05151

Oslo universitetssykehus, Rikshospitalet: Contact Kvinneklinikken, phone 23070000

Oslo Universitetssykehus Ullevål, Contact Kvinneklinikken, phone 22 11 98 44

Sørlandet sykehus, Kristiansand: Phone 915 39318 E-post: /

Look here for places to contact for more advice and information on the circumcision of girls:

Sex og samfunn – senter for ung seksualitet

Telefon: 22993900 (man-fre, kl 9-15) E-post: Besøksadresse: Trondheimsveien 2 B 0560 Oslo

Kveldspoliklinikken: Mandag – torsdag: kl 16-20 Lørdag: kl 12-16

Røde kors-telefonen: 815 55 201 Tlf 22116920 (selvhjelp for innvandrere og flyktninger): Tlf 46865000 eller 22034830

Kvinnesenteret, Kristiansand: Tlf 41457238, e-post:

Primærmedisinsk verksted (PMV): tlf 23060380

Alarmtelefonen tlf 116 111 Gratis nødtelefon for barn og unge

Information materials: leaflets, films etc. on circumcisi
Is it a good idea to have your daughters cut?